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It all started when…

I was little, I wanted to do something that was important enough to leave my mark on the world. I was given the gift of sight and a natural flair for creating the kinds of photographs that caused people to pause long enough to recall the joy and love they've experienced in their lifetime.  

Dad was the avid photographer in my family. He was always either shooting a film (with terrible voice-overs!) or capturing stills of our time together. The importance of documenting our time. For me, photography feels more like natural intuition. And while most families take photos as regularly as my dad did, the result is often an array of images albums without a complete family shot.

I've been photographing most of my families since they've had their first baby, and then again as they've welcomed their second, or third, or fourth. It’s an incredible feeling to know you're part of the defining moments of a family's life. I love knowing that the images I create won't just be celebrated today - they'll be handed down as the kids grow up, so they too can share their story with their children.

My grandparents passed away by the time I was five years old. My memories of them are very limited - beyond these, I have just a handful of photographs and stories from Mum and Dad that help me recall who they were and the things we did together. I look back on images taken by my dad of my twin brother and I in a pram in New Farm Park, and it hits me just how fleeting time is. (That's the problem with intangibles, isn't it?)

My greatest belief is to share my passion and purpose of my work. Even if I don’t photograph your family, perhaps I’ll bring a storyteller to life within yourself.

Lannie xx



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