The Storytelling Documentary’ package is designed for the family that likes to stand out from the crowd and to be the first in their friends to do the next new cool thing...hehe

In all seriousness this is the latest concept in documenting families. What makes these storytelling sessions so special is they tell YOUR family story. Video is an amazing way to truly capture all those little moments in life that sometimes just pass us by. Think back to those tiny newborn days and all of those little mannerisms; now imagine being able to watch & reflect back on those simple moments; in the years to come. The cliché “that time is fleeting” is actually very true. However this package is a beautiful way to celebrate those simple moments in your family’s life. ‘The Storytelling Documentary’ package is customised to each family’s needs and our emphasis is every family has a different tale to tell.


Weekday 2 hOUr photo video shoot in the comfort of your home

$2500 package.

Natural makeup for mum

  • 3 -4 min movie of your family

  • All still images available from the film

  • professionally retouched

  • can print up to 8x12"

  • share digital images with as many family members as you like at no extra cost.


This video is packed full of all the ingredients to warm your heart and recharge your soul; love, joy, happiness, and human connection. Lannie has undeniably captured some of our families most memorable moments for us to treasure forever. I cry with joy and happiness everytime I watch this video, I am so incredibly grateful to Lannie for helping us create these lasting memories