Pregnancy Photography Brisbane

When photographing pregnancy images with your siblings you will always document something very special.

However when you throw two rambunctious boys who adore there mummy so much this is what you end up achieving!

Not long after these shots were taken little 4 year old Harlem wanted to tell mummy that she looked very pretty today.

And I felt very special when 2.5 year old Keanu gave me a pretty flower he found in the garden park.

Kids photography Brisbane

kids photography brisbane

How brothers play!

Two things you never need to ask boys to do twice.

1- Jump on mummy & daddy's bed.        

   2- And play!

Wrestling, Ninja kicks, Squashes', Tumbles & Raspberries haha

Were all on the menu!

Oh & checking themselves out in the mirror whilst doing all of the above.  

Thanks guys so much I had an absolute blast.

Lannie x

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