Food Photography Brisbane

Food Photography Brisbane

Behind the scene's at the Food Photoshoot for Red Candy Creative this week.

It such an amazingly talented crew of creative people I work with.

 Chef- Adam Herbert

 He is such a talented chef & is apart of the new "It" Buffalo Bar in Brisbane check out the links below:



Director-Cordeila Vecchio

An Instagramaholic who sports a little too much ink for someone of such maturity, Cordie tends to see the shades of grey before the black and white. If asked what day it is, she doesn’t always know, but ask her what she thinks about where to take a brand creatively and all of a sudden a soap-box appears. As co-founding director of Red Candy, Cordie is insistent that food based creative-comms is crying out for innovative and creative thinkers – and that’s why we do what we do.

Lesli Toohey-Senior Graphic Designer & Account Manager

Never far from her post-it notes and lists for all occasions, Lesli lives equally in this organized space and the bright blue skies of chance and possibility. It’s this delicious mix of form and spontaneity that supports Lesli’s design and concept work. She began her design career as an industrial designer, but was lured to graphic design while working in the UK – the call of typography and uncoated paper stocks too much to ignore. Growing up around her parent’s restaurants, adding layers to Lesli’s fit for Red Candy clients. Her food journey began as a little girl at the pass. It continues with creative and expressive food-coms designs for an ever-hungry audience. 

Will post some little sneak peak pictures soon.